Surfing Economics

Surfing brings personal, financial and environmental benefits to thousands of communities across the world. ‘Surfing Economics’ is the body of research dedicated to the understanding of the multiple, complex values of surfing.  

About Surfing Economics

Surfing is more than just a sport – it is a lifestyle. Over 50 million people across the world practice surfing on a regular basis. Direct expenditure in equipment, travel and real estate contribute billions of dollars to local and regional economies. But what is perhaps more important is the value that surfing brings in the form of wellbeing. This includes physical and mental health, as well as inter-generational and social cohesion. Although these ‘intangible’ values may be difficult to quantify, they should still be taken into account in decision-making processes that impact surf amenity. Through ‘surfing economics’ it is possible to understand the financial and non-financial values associated with surfing, in a rigorous, science-based manner.  It is through such systematic understanding that coastal planning and policies can be adequately informed to take into consideration the true value of surfing.

Dr Ana Manero

Dr Ana Manero


Surfing economics